How It Works


Find a class and buy it!


Browse through our chefs and classes and find one that you like! Click on Buy Now!  You can use PayPal or your credit card.

Get ready for some fun!


Once you buy the class, you'll see the ingredients needed for that class.  It's on the class page and in an email we'll send you.

Invite your family and friends to enjoy the cooking class with you and let them know via Google+, Twitter & FaceBook!  

Attend your class!


Sign in and go to your class page about 5 minutes before class and click on the Join Class button!  It's just that easy!

Show up with your ingredients and any pre-class prep that our chef suggests.  It's you, your computer & webcam, and a chef, right in your own kitchen.

When class is complete, stick around if you like and dine with friends and family or new friends from anywhere on the planet.